Love INC Benefits

Assists churches in going beyond benevolence or simply handing out resources to connecting with people in need and developing relationships.

Verifies that each request for assistance is legitimate so that churches can be good stewards of their resources.

Helps churches prevent creating dependency in those they assist by discovering and solving problems at the root level.

Identifies unmet needs or gaps in community services and informs churches of new opportunities for ministry.

Lessens the strain on any one church as the network of churches work together to meet needs.

Provides a more cost effective approach to ministry by sharing resources and utilizing volunteers to meet needs.

Helps churches assist those in need both inside and outside the congregation.

Demonstrates unity in the Body of Christ as churches come together to fulfill God’s command to love their neighbors – offering a powerful witness to the community.

Connects un-churched people to churches, helping churches grow as they reach out to the community with the love of Christ.