Help Center Opportunities

Volunteer_CHFor our Help Center to be successful, we rely on a team of volunteers to help us serve those in need. There are several volunteer positions within the Help Center and identifying and placing volunteers where they are gifted is important. Below is a list of opportunities.

Intake Volunteers: Intake volunteers work on the telephone and talk to the clients and those associated with the clients. They must understand the “heart” of the Help Center process to most effectively impact the lives of those God directs to our ministry. They conduct client intake on the phone, clarify info, provide verification, and referrals.

Follow-up and Verification Volunteer: Verification volunteers assist the intake personnel with the confirmation of personal data given by the client. When required, they will further investigate pertinent details with other agencies or parties. They will be creative in finding information. They may also aid in identifying the appropriate resources for the client.

Prayer Volunteer: Prayer volunteers want to be involved with the client’s situation but they may not be interested in phone work and database entry; preferring instead to focus on the individual spiritual, emotional and physical needs of a client. They are intercessors and walk close to the Lord. They are willing to read client files, pray for them and write words of encouragement that can be mailed to the client.

Click here to download our volunteer application form.

*All volunteers must maintain confidentiality at all times.