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Love Stories


We received a call for assistance from “Erin” at the beginning of the school year. She was looking for school clothes for her three children. We soon found out that Erin was in the middle of a difficult divorce. She was struggling to make ends meet now that she and her kids had to rely on her part time job to pay the bills. Love INC was able to provide clothing for all three of her children and more! Through Love INC Erin was invited to access the Essentials Ministry. She received personal hygiene products, cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, and paper products like toilet paper and paper towels. All of these things add up to help Erin save as much of her money as she can so that she and her kids can stay in their home. Erin also received an opportunity to get involved in a class at a local church that helps care for people who have experienced or are currently going through divorce. Love INC is so glad to have the chance to walk through this hard time with Erin!


“Layla” is a single mother with 11 children. She called Love INC looking for help fixing up her house so that she could refinance. With that many people in it, the house had some serious wear and tear and she would not be allowed to refinance unless she made some fixes and improvements. She needed help with yard work and all the faucets in her house were either leaky or broken. Love INC sent out a team from one of our partner churches to help her tackle the yard work. We also sent out a volunteer who generously offered to take all of the garbage and debris in her yard to the dump. Another Love INC volunteer was able to use his skills to fix all of her faucets. It really is true that many hands make light work and this family was so blessed by all those in the Love INC family who were willing to jump in and help!

Linda and Stephen’s Story

Linda called Love INC asking for diapers for her 3 year old son. Married with four children, her husband Stephen started a new job out of town. However between the gas cost and lack of hours as promised, it was creating more problems than it solved.

They were able to get enough food from food stamps and with the help of local food pantries, but they had fallen so far behind on paying their gas bill that it had been turned off. On top of that, the family had run out of shampoo and had been using laundry detergent to wash their hair.

Through Love INC, various churches contributed items that Linda and her family needed – diapers, wipes and shampoo, as well as another church with a connection to a local business who was hiring. Stephen went right over with his resume’ and applied for the job. Two weeks later he was hired, and began working full-time at a decent wage job, in the same town where they lived.

A month later, Linda called Love INC to say how much they appreciated the help and that she hoped that she could pay us back by volunteering with us sometime soon!

Eric & Early Morning Help

May, 2012 Eric, a truck driver has an 8 year old son who needed to get to school on time. Eric had to leave for work between 2:00 and 3:00am. He needed a place to take his son very early in the morning and have the care giver get Justin off to school. Eric had someone previously helping him with this but it fell through. Chad,the school counselor at Alberta Rider grade school recommended Eric call Love INC. Eric did not have that much cash on hand and needed assistance both in finding a new childcare provider but also a little extra money to pay for the care. Our partnering church St. James Episcopal quickly agreed to come up with the $80.00 extra dollars needed to get Justin back into childcare and back into school. He had to temporarily live with his mother in Roseburg and had missed school for over a week. The school even fronted the money until the churches money came through. What a testimony to people who care and offer kindness. After asking a couple of times, Eric agreed to meet with me in the future, to talk about the Bible.