Children received needed items for the new school year!

This last week, thanks to My New Red Shoes, Love INC was able to provide new shoes and $50 Old Navy gift cards to 32 school age children who are clients of Love INC. Also, through the leadership of one of our dedicated volunteers, Margaret Mason, and one of our church partners, Grace Point Community Church, we were able to provide backpacks filled with school supplies to several other children as they get ready for school.

One of the boys sat down in our office and unzipped the pouches and found a bible, stuffed animal, and a DVD about Jesus to help communicate about who He is to each of these children. The smile and joy this boy and the rest of the children showed during the event is something that will stay with our volunteers forever.

Also, several other clients called in needing help getting back-to-school items for their children. Through donations from several individuals we were able to supply those families with gift cards. That means an additional 12 children were able to get new shoes, clothing, and supplies for school! One father expressed his gratitude for what we were able to do to help. His son loved the backpack and the toy.

God is good! All total, 44 in need children are going back to school with new shoes and clothing! Thank you to the individual donors who came through for their community as children head back to school.